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UVA Bookstore

624 solar panels

140 kW peak capacity

The completion of the UVA Bookstore solar array was announced at the UVA and Dominion Power ribbon cutting ceremony on December 6, 2016. The Dominion Energy Solar Partnership is a pilot program that aims to expand Dominion’s knowledge of community-based solar projects while encouraging the development of solar across Virginia by stimulating the renewable energy market.

Slightly offset from Newcomb Hall, the UVA Bookstore sells merchandise and supplies for students and faculty and gives a portion of the proceeds to AccessUVA, a financial aid program that guarantees 100 percent of the demonstrated need of students admitted to the University. The UVA Bookstore solar installation has a capacity of 140 kW of AC, and the high traffic location of the solar array will raise awareness for solar energy at UVA.

Solar array atop Clemons Library

Current solar production


Total solar production since March 3, 2017


Total production: kWh

Average production: kW

After 6 hours at peak capacity, this solar installation is estimated to generate 840 kWh and save 625 kg of greenhouse gas emissions. This is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions from:

  • 1532 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle
  • 70 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 684 pounds of coal burned to generate energy

On a daily basis, the average US residential utility customer consumes approximately 30 kWh of electricity (emitting approximately 45 kg of greenhouse gas emissions), drives 37 miles, and uses approximately 4.5 gallons of gasoline and 41 lbs of coal.

1 kWh equals

Around 3 hours watching a plasma TV (280-450 watts)

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Environmental Savings from Total Solar Production to Date

metric tons of CO2 avoided

gallons of water saved

barrels of crude oil not used